55+ Great WordPress Portfolio Themes – Stand Out Online!


As more and more people check out the work of creative agencies, web designers, photographers online before choosing someone to work with. This is the reason why some many great looking online portfolios show up all the time. With one of the WordPress portfolio themes I have collected below you will be able to get, you own set up fast and at a low cost. In addition, if you pick one of the creative and unique designs available your website may stand out from the crowed and help you convert visitors into new clients.

Portfolio websites should be designed to make an exceptional presentation of the freelancer / agency, the best work and top clients (logos). Often web designers use image grids to make a great presentation of multiple items; however, a portfolio grid can have many different layouts and functions. Therefore, take the time needed to consider exactly how you want your portfolio to work and how your images need to be featured. Some portfolio website also use the classic slider and column design where a dynamic content slider take visitors focus when they arrive and lead them to important content. The columns below the slider may contain service offering descriptions, examples of work, client testimonials etc.

Once you are clear on your requirements related to functionality and design it is a great idea to look through available portfolio website templates for inspiration. Who knows, you may stumble upon the perfect match or one that require minimal adjustments. This will kick start your website development and you will be on a fast track to having your own online portfolio.

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55+ Best WordPress Blog Themes – Give Your Blog a Facelift!


With one of the many, cool WordPress blog themes available it is not a tough job to get started as a serious blogger. This is great and it helps you focus your energy on the great content you want to share with your audience online.

WordPress is probably the most popular and successful publishing platform right now. It started out as a blogging tool, but rapidly it spread into more or less any type of website development. The amount of WordPress themes available to help you quickly set up professional websites is amazing. Most of the new themes are mobile ready and even look great on small mobile devices. Another trend right now is the release of multi-purpose themes – this is themes that are extremely loaded with features and highly flexible frameworks. Check this article for inspiration.  Website owners and designers can use these themes to build more or less any type of website, from a blog, an online magazine, a web shop to an agency portfolio. As a blogger, you may want to consider such a theme as it will support your needs as they may come up in the future. However, a clean and simple blog theme, that require no or very little setup, most often will give you a quicker and smoother start.

For this article, I have collected some of the best WordPress blogging themes available right now. I hope you will find what you are looking for and that you will take the time to leave me a comment. In addition, please share my article on social media if you like it.
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50+ WordPress Twitter Plugins and Widgets – For Optimal Twitter Integration


Twitter is one of the most important social networks for online businesses and bloggers to promote content, products and service. Twitter is the best network for meeting new people with specific interests and build relationships with potential leads. You can easily integrate twitter into you WordPress website using some of the many cool WordPress Twitter plugins and widgets.

A WordPress twitter widget is great if you want to share your Twitter activity and tweets with visitors on the WordPress website or blog. By displaying your Twitter updates on your website e.g. in the sidebar, there is a higher possibility that they will be following you and maybe even retweet your articles or offers.  Twitter is the top social messaging platform and millions of people worldwide use Twitter for both personal and professional interactions. In addition, Twitter has taken the role as an on demand news service where people follow specific accounts or hashtags (#someInterestingStuff).

In this article, I have created a collection of more than 50 of the best WordPress Twitter plugins and widgets you can use to integrate Twitter with your website or blog. Read more

50+ Essential Categorized WordPress Tutorials


Learn the basics, how to use, setup and extend WordPress by following some of the many WordPress tutorials collected and nicely organized in this article.

WordPress is the most popular platform for publishing content online right now. It started as a simple blogging platform and today it is used for ecommerce websites, online portfolios, corporate and business websites etc. WordPress is still the blogging system most bloggers choose and the availability of cool themes for setting up a professional blog in minutes is amazing. I found a good collection of blog themes at Tripwire Magazine that I am sure bloggers will find inspiring and useful.

It is not hard to get started using WordPress, but there are many features and to get the most out of the platform it is a good idea to read a book, follow some WordPress blogs or take the time to work yourself through some WordPress tutorials. You can find a WordPress tutorial to help you learn the very basic stuff and as time goes, you will be able to find tutorials that teach really advanced and complex tips and techniques.

I have collected more than 60 tutorials for WordPress and I hope you find what you are looking for. Please let me know in a comment if I missed some great tutorials and I will consider adding them. Read more

30+ High Quality eCommerce WordPress Themes


WordPress is not only a powerful tool for blogging, but also thanks to the quality of WordPress e-commerce themes, now it’s a serious choice as an online shop platform. In order for these themes, to work, please note that WordPress requires shopping cart features. Fortunately there are useful plugins which turn WordPress in a veritable online shop, like WP e-Commerce or Jigoshop. Using these WordPress plugins, web developers started to create themes that can easily be a good starting point for everyone or even a permanent solution for eCommerce. In this list, I have possibly collected the best Premium themes for setting up a WordPress shop so take your time to check each one of them.

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20 Best PSD to WordPress Service Providers

WordPress is one of the most used blogging platforms on the Internet. Even though it started just as a tiny self-hosted script, it now provides lots of options for webmasters and web designers to build up a professionally looking website. There are two options when you choose a theme for your wordpress website: you either buy or download a free template from specific websites, or even from wordpress.org, or you design a theme in Photoshop, and convert the resulting PSD file into a fully functional wordpress theme.

You can’t convert the PSD automatically using some sort of script if you want a quality product!

Below you can find out which are the 20 best PSD to WordPress service providers:

1. CodeinWP


CodeInWP was launched in 2010 and is one of the top choices when it comes to converting designs such as PSD, PNG or AI into fully functional WordPress templates. CodeinWP has good reviews over the Internet, being the perfect answer for converting PSD to WordPress and one of the few cost effective PSD to WordPress service providers. For great designs and money back guarantee for not satisfied customers, choose CodeinWP services. Read more

Battle of Blogging Titans: WordPress vs. Blogger

wordpress vs blogger

WordPress and Blogger – if you have been an ardent blogger, you probably have heard these two names zillions of times. And you might be aware of the battle of these titans as well. Being posed with two of the most popular blogging platforms, bloggers are at time perplexed with the big question- which is superior of both the blogging platforms? Both platforms offer a plethora of benefits but if you have recently ventured into the blogging arena then probably you are awaiting for an answer to choose a favored platform to write upon.

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