50+ Beautiful Free Newsletter Subscribe Box PSD Designs


Does your newsletter subscribe box stand out or even simply fit the overall web design? If not you should take a look at this article for inspiration. It is a collection some of the best free newsletter subscribe box PSD designs available.

Where as a lot of effort are put into finding the best design elements for a website one of the often neglected areas is the newsletter subscribe box. Though not always prioritized in the design process, the value of having a place for your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter is extremely high. People that are signing up to a newsletter are generally interested in getting updates before everyone else making this a great and free marketing tool targeted to your most dedicated customers!

Finding the perfect design for your newsletter subscribe box can be summed down to finding a perfect blend between creativity and design trends that fits your overall web design in a natural way. As it is, an important marketing tool, you should make sure that the newsletter subscribe box is visible and easy to fill out in order to get the most out of this call-to-action tool.

There are numerous of newsletter and creative contact form designs online however, in order to finding the one that fulfills your needs best you might need to browse through several different designs. To help you save time I have compiled this large collection of beautiful and creative newsletter subscribe box PSD designs that you can download for free. Enjoy!

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jQuery Europe Conference – Day Two Recap

jQuery eu 2013

Like for day one , I will split this based on the speaker , in a random order.For more talks check #jqeu13 .

Speaker : Todd Parker  - @toddmparker

Presentation : jQuery Mobile and Responsive Web Design

-  Rwd pixles are bad. Relative is your friend. Also for media queries use em

- Use em instead of px to allow fonts to become responsive

- Select your breakpoints based on your content, not by device

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jQuery Europe Conference – Day One Recap

jQuery eu 2013

I will split this by speakers and interesting things that they said , if you want to follow live updates, check #jqeu13 .

Speaker : Richard D. Worth ( @rworth ) – Executive Director @jquery Foundation

Presentation : The state of jQuery

-  jQuery is 7 years old

- 55.7% of the websites in the world use jQuery

- 63% of the top 10000 websites use jQuery

-  90% of all websites in the world that use JS, use jQuery

-  jQuery 2.0 won’t support IE 6,7,8 at ALL , but 1.9 version will continue to be maintained

- 16.7% of the websites in the world use jQueryUI

- there is an api learning portal on api.jqueryui.com

- this is great for learning webdevhttp://learn.jquery.com/ Read more

Single Page Website – Good or Bad ?

single page website

There’s a trend for some time now, designing single page website. Is it good or bad? When you should use a it and why? Many designers are using this method , but without knowing the true value of a single page website. Ok, let’s break this down into chapters.

1. The Design

Why is it good? You can create rich interactions, sliders, carousels, parallax effects, Ajax or auto-scrolling scripts on the same page. Now that, the most browsers (sorry Bill) supports CSS3, you can also design beautiful typography, 3D or not. If you have the vision and combine these techniques in the right way, you will have one page eye-catching website. Let’s have a look at some well designed pages.
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10 Outstanding Tested jQuery Gallery Plugins


When building websites especially portfolios, using a jQuery gallery plugin is an absolute must. First of all, you are showing images in a friendly and intuitive way by using an image gallery, second, the design will look fresh and modern with all those jQuery animation techniques and third with the influx of new powerful methods, the quality of jquery gallery scripts have improved dramatically lately, see parallax scrolling. Of course, it can be confusing because they are so many jQuery image sliders and to be honest not all of them are as good as they look. Sometimes it’s hard to configure, or they don’t have cross browser support, which is as you all know, a real PAIN.
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What’s New In Web Design, January 2013

web design news

This is the first chapter from our new monthly ‘What’s new in web design’ series. We will include new web apps, JavaScript and jQuery tools, CSS Frameworks and whatever else we think would be good and helpful for you as a web designer or developer. Most of the resources are free or at very low cost, and in the end you will benefit from the latest web tools. If we’ve missed something that you think is worth mentioning in this post, you can tweet about it to @ahrefmag.

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Best iPad Apps For Designers & Developers

ipad apps

We live in a speed era of which we benefit from, so we must not be surprised if we see people working outside the offices, using laptops or iPads. The most popular iPad producer, Apple, created a niche of iPad apps for web developers who can bring them satisfaction, even if it is not yet the time for us to give up the workstation. Here is a list of the best iPad apps for web designers, but you can also search in Apple app store if you don’t find something useful or you can learn how to create your own iPad apps. No matter what you decide, you can enjoy this post and also comment if i missed something.

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