This Week in Web Design Inspiration #1

Web Design Inspiration

In this first Web Design Inspiration article, we’re gonna take a look at some outstanding websites that use all kind of techniques like parallax scrolling, responsive web design or creative photo gallery. As a website designer sometimes we need this kind of website design ideas, to stimulate our creativity or just to have a starting point in any future project. Design inspiration always been a good ‘source of iron’ for any of us, so check the websites bellow and tell me what do you think. Read more

13 Fascinating jQuery Animation Tutorials

jQuery Animation Tutorials

Jquery animation has been around for some time now. Any creative designer can do remarkable things with jQuery, and that’s because there are many animation effects which can be used in any project. In this post, you’ll find ready-made jquery effects, so all you have to do is put them into your projects. Read more

WordPress – Online Collaboration Team

Online Collaboration Team

Building a site does not have to be just an independent venture. The internet makes it possible for many minds to come together for the purpose of creating blogs and websites. This can be beneficial for several reasons, including:

• Developing a blog together is a way to bring people from different corners of the earth into real interaction with one another and with an audience. This gives the material that is included on the blog the perspective of all of these people, enriching the content and giving it and empowering the writers.

Read more

10 Attractive Social Media Buttons (Icons)

Social Media Buttons

These days, almost all websites have one thing in common, the presence of social media buttons. Good looking social media icons will always make a strong impression and draw attention to your visitors by ‘inviting’ them to click those social buttons and spread the love. I am by no means an icon designer, so I searched free social media icons for one of my projects and I thought about sharing this with you, so I hope you find them useful and download them to your icon collection. Read more

30 Useful CSS Snippets for Developers

CSS Snippets

CSS is certainly the most used and powerful web language that we use. While HTML is responsible for the page structure, it can be unpredictable across all new and old browsers. This is where the CSS comes in to help us solve those problems, but in the same time we can be more creative and style our webpage the way we want. No matter if we code a basic CSS website or a WordPress Theme, there’s no life without CSS. Below is a great list of 30 CSS Snippets and I’m sure whether you are an experienced web designer or you just making your way in, they are all well worth checking out. Read more

20 Great Websites with Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling

The parallax effect used frequently in video games, now is gaining popularity in web design also. This beautiful effect can be seen as a scrolling feature of a website. This neat effect can be seen as a scrolling feature of a website. It uses diverse backgrounds, which give us the false perception of 3D effect and also gives users a fascinating browsing experience. The term is derived from the Greek (parallaxis), meaning “alteration”. Read more