Why We Need A Good Logo Design

logo design

With the power of the Web and more eyes watching than ever, it’s essential for a business to communicate its unique message clearly. Logo design is the easiest way to do that, but most of the owners tend to spend a lot of money in equipment and online tools and just forget how powerful branding is. The worst thing is that sometimes they turn their attention to free logos or logo creator software which turns to be a terrible choice. I’m not giving any advice but read this line: if your logo looks amateurish, then so will your business.

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12 Sources Of Outstanding Mobile Design Inspiration

mobile designs

There is no doubt, the future of web design is and will be to code for mobile. This is a MUST step right now in website development process because people will use their smartphones from everywhere when they want to visit a favorite website. If you look at the most creative web designs you’ll see what I mean, they are already coded to fit any device, from different smartphones to tablets. Well, I wish that, but the truth is a website designed for mobile is judged by its look, icons or interfaces, and this is going to have a significant impact in your visitors eyes. Professional website designs takes time, and sometimes you’ll need some inspiration to get you where you want. Follow this list and I’m sure you are going to build awesome apps or mobile websites.

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20 Top Letterpress Business Cards

best business cards

In any kind of business, there is one ‘tool’ which can’t be missing: business cards.
This is the first line of attack in your battle for winning more and more clients and today we are talking about best letterpress business cards. Letterpress is relief printing. It involves locking movable type into the bed of a press, inking it, and rolling or pressing paper against it to form an impression. It was the normal form of printing text from its invention by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid-15th century until the 19th century and remained in wide use for books and other uses until the second half of the 20th century.

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6 Best Options for Converting PSD to HTML

PSD to HTML Companies

I’m pretty sure that when you do try to save some time on your next project, you’ll be wondering what the most efficient solution is. One of the best options for you would be to use the services of PSD to HTML companies, and also looking up a good freelancer for PSD to HTML jobs. Quick, professional services that can save you time and deliver valid CSS and HTML codes. I’ve taken the time to gather up what I think the best providers of PSD to HTML, as well as a few details on each. If you do end up trying out any of them, feel free to leave feedback.

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20 Remarkable Billboard Designs

Billboard designs

Billboard designs are nowadays considered a rather costly venue for the sole purposes of an ad campaign or any other period of advertising, however they do work well for those businesses that have the option of using them. As long as through cleverness and creativity the billboards are made to get the intended message through, they will work like a charm. What makes them special is the up-in-your-face imposement, making you really take in its meaning. The large cities of the world understood this aspect and rents out hotspot billboard space at huge prices. Read more

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20 Free & Useful Dribbble PSD Files For Download

Dribbble PSD Files

Today we have 30 useful Dribbble PSD files for download. You can learn as you plan your projects for the future as well. The community employing Dribbble is resourceful and offers you the change to sometimes find useful PSDs to actually fit your projects, besides learning from them. The community of Dribbble consists of designers who work together with developers and share shots of their screen as they work on design using the known applications. Read more