Designing with Site Speed in Mind

One of the biggest challenges for designers and developers is to balance the many requirements of a website. When a website is the front for a brand or business, it needs to be in great shape. Good sites should be easy to use/understand, load fast, and visually appealing. Unfortunately, site speed is often overlooked, and it shouldn’t be, since load time directly affects your bottom line.

Why Think About Site Speed

Fast site speed means user needs are met efficiently—which positively reflects on your brand. It means higher search rankings, and as Google’s research suggests, it can even mean reduced operating costs.

Increasing site speed has a positive impact on website revenue and user experience. major e-commerce enterprises Amazon, Shopzilla, AOL, Mozilla, and Yahoo have all seen direct, and substantial, increases in traffic, downloads and/or revenue as a result of making their websites run faster.

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20 Best PSD to WordPress Service Providers

WordPress is one of the most used blogging platforms on the Internet. Even though it started just as a tiny self-hosted script, it now provides lots of options for webmasters and web designers to build up a professionally looking website. There are two options when you choose a theme for your wordpress website: you either buy or download a free template from specific websites, or even from, or you design a theme in Photoshop, and convert the resulting PSD file into a fully functional wordpress theme.

You can’t convert the PSD automatically using some sort of script if you want a quality product!

Below you can find out which are the 20 best PSD to WordPress service providers:

1. CodeinWP


CodeInWP was launched in 2010 and is one of the top choices when it comes to converting designs such as PSD, PNG or AI into fully functional WordPress templates. CodeinWP has good reviews over the Internet, being the perfect answer for converting PSD to WordPress and one of the few cost effective PSD to WordPress service providers. For great designs and money back guarantee for not satisfied customers, choose CodeinWP services. Read more

jQuery Europe Conference – Day Two Recap

jQuery eu 2013

Like for day one , I will split this based on the speaker , in a random order.For more talks check #jqeu13 .

Speaker : Todd Parker  - @toddmparker

Presentation : jQuery Mobile and Responsive Web Design

-  Rwd pixles are bad. Relative is your friend. Also for media queries use em

- Use em instead of px to allow fonts to become responsive

- Select your breakpoints based on your content, not by device

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jQuery Europe Conference – Day One Recap

jQuery eu 2013

I will split this by speakers and interesting things that they said , if you want to follow live updates, check #jqeu13 .

Speaker : Richard D. Worth ( @rworth ) – Executive Director @jquery Foundation

Presentation : The state of jQuery

-  jQuery is 7 years old

- 55.7% of the websites in the world use jQuery

- 63% of the top 10000 websites use jQuery

-  90% of all websites in the world that use JS, use jQuery

-  jQuery 2.0 won’t support IE 6,7,8 at ALL , but 1.9 version will continue to be maintained

- 16.7% of the websites in the world use jQueryUI

- there is an api learning portal on

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Avoiding Common Design Clichés

Good web design is all about keeping it simple. You want to hook your visitor’s interest and make your point quickly and clearly, before you’ve lost their limited attention forever. The problem with this is that it’s way too easy to rely on clichéd design to do it. Granted it will get your point across, but will they remember your site five minutes later?shutterstock_92398762

You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, not look unprofessional, hackneyed, and worn out. If you’re even for one moment thinking of using the first idea that pops into your head, stop. Read these tips and take the time to think your design through carefully. It may take a little longer, but when you put the finishing touches to your webpage, you’ll be glad that you did.

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Single Page Website – Good or Bad ?

single page website

There’s a trend for some time now, designing single page website. Is it good or bad? When you should use a it and why? Many designers are using this method , but without knowing the true value of a single page website. Ok, let’s break this down into chapters.

1. The Design

Why is it good? You can create rich interactions, sliders, carousels, parallax effects, Ajax or auto-scrolling scripts on the same page. Now that, the most browsers (sorry Bill) supports CSS3, you can also design beautiful typography, 3D or not. If you have the vision and combine these techniques in the right way, you will have one page eye-catching website. Let’s have a look at some well designed pages.
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