50+ WordPress Twitter Plugins and Widgets – For Optimal Twitter Integration


Twitter is one of the most important social networks for online businesses and bloggers to promote content, products and service. Twitter is the best network for meeting new people with specific interests and build relationships with potential leads. You can easily integrate twitter into you WordPress website using some of the many cool WordPress Twitter plugins and widgets.

A WordPress twitter widget is great if you want to share your Twitter activity and tweets with visitors on the WordPress website or blog. By displaying your Twitter updates on your website e.g. in the sidebar, there is a higher possibility that they will be following you and maybe even retweet your articles or offers.  Twitter is the top social messaging platform and millions of people worldwide use Twitter for both personal and professional interactions. In addition, Twitter has taken the role as an on demand news service where people follow specific accounts or hashtags (#someInterestingStuff).

In this article, I have created a collection of more than 50 of the best WordPress Twitter plugins and widgets you can use to integrate Twitter with your website or blog. Read more

45+ PHP Tutorials and Development Techniques


PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages used primarily for web development. It is used for some of the most well known and powerful open source web platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. In addition, there are some really cool php Frameworks you can use as foundation for your own website and web application development projects. PHP is part of one of the most common web server setup up known as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). It is estimated to be installed on more than 250 million webserver and PHP work wonders behind the scene on more websites than you can imagine. The incredible success of WordPress is certainly one of the reasons for this, but in itself, PHP is a simple to learn and yet very powerful scripting language.

Like any other programming language, it is important to understand the basics and to build up a collection of simple solutions to common problems you need to solve. One of the ways to get started is of course to read PHP books, but an almost just as good and free strategy is to work through a PHP tutorial to learn specific techniques and skills. In this article, I have collected more than 45 of the best PHP tutorials to help you make a quick dive into effective PHP learning. Hope you find what you are looking for and that you will take a minute to share the article with programmers you know.  Read more

50+ Awesome Business Website HTML Templates


The availability and quality of ready to use business website HTML templates makes it possible to kick start most website projects. Many of the templates have complete markup and styling for all the pages needed on most websites. In addition, some even have fully layered website PSDs available if you need to alter the design of the business website HTML template a bit.

With the growing demand from website owners to serve mobile users with a great mobile friendly website it is a good idea to look for responsive solutions. Websites with a responsive layout adapt to the visitors screen size and even look great on small mobile devices. A popular approach for creating responsive layouts is to use the 12-column grid provided by the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Some HTML templates have Bootstrap integrated, but you can also set up a website even faster using Bootstrap based themes for WordPress WordPress. I found a great collection of Bootstrap themes on Nowtheme you can check out for inspiration.

In this article, you will find more than 50 really great business website HTML templates to get your web projects rolling out much faster. Read more

60+ Fashion eCommerce Websites For Inspiration


The retail fashion business is moving online and every month more and more clothing is purchased from a web browser. Forrester research predict the spending in the e-retail business to increase with 62% by 2016 and US consumers will spend $327 billion online in 2016.

With these amazing numbers in mind, it is important to have a strong presence online and an online shop that converts sales effectively. It is not as hard as it may sound! Today many small to medium size online shops are build with WordPress because of the large availability if professionally designed themes. WordPress shops make use of ecommerce plugins to extend WordPress with shop features and the maturity of these solutions are now at a level that makes WordPress a great choise. In addition, we see many shops using platforms like OpenCart and Magento where it is also possible to find great looking ecommerce webiste templates.

This article is a massive collection of fashion eCommerce websites you can use as inspiration when you are planning design for your own or a client web shop. Please share the article on social media and leave a comment if you have any feedback for me.

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50+ Essential Categorized WordPress Tutorials


Learn the basics, how to use, setup and extend WordPress by following some of the many WordPress tutorials collected and nicely organized in this article.

WordPress is the most popular platform for publishing content online right now. It started as a simple blogging platform and today it is used for ecommerce websites, online portfolios, corporate and business websites etc. WordPress is still the blogging system most bloggers choose and the availability of cool themes for setting up a professional blog in minutes is amazing. I found a good collection of blog themes at Tripwire Magazine that I am sure bloggers will find inspiring and useful.

It is not hard to get started using WordPress, but there are many features and to get the most out of the platform it is a good idea to read a book, follow some WordPress blogs or take the time to work yourself through some WordPress tutorials. You can find a WordPress tutorial to help you learn the very basic stuff and as time goes, you will be able to find tutorials that teach really advanced and complex tips and techniques.

I have collected more than 60 tutorials for WordPress and I hope you find what you are looking for. Please let me know in a comment if I missed some great tutorials and I will consider adding them. Read more

50+ JavaScript Testing Frameworks – Wipe Out Bugs!


JavaScript is a powerful and extremely popular client scripting language. It is responsible for most of the dynamic effects and app like features available in website today. However, JavaScript is not as easy to use as most developers would like it to be. With the arrival of JavaScript libraries such as jQuery life got a lot easier in many situations, but whenever you need to dive into coding yourself you risk running into the difficulties JavaScript offer.

One of the most important aspects of software development is testing. Testing is often not prioritized and automated to the extent test managers recommend. Worst case the result is fragile and buggy code that make users pull out their hair. So how do you mitigate this risk? As in any other aspect of software development, it is a good idea to implement best practice processes and rely on experience and proven solutions. When it comes to testing JavaScript code there are no excuses for inventing the wheel yourself. There are tons of JavaScript testing frameworks available to help you automate and optimize the process. Most of the solutions are unit test suites that help developers and teams test code before it is submitted and integrated into larger projects.

I have found more than 50 frameworks for testing JavaScript so dive in and find one that will suit your needs. If you are not sure how these test solutions are used, I recommend you check this tutorial at net.tuts.com. Read more

30+ High Quality eCommerce WordPress Themes


WordPress is not only a powerful tool for blogging, but also thanks to the quality of WordPress e-commerce themes, now it’s a serious choice as an online shop platform. In order for these themes, to work, please note that WordPress requires shopping cart features. Fortunately there are useful plugins which turn WordPress in a veritable online shop, like WP e-Commerce or Jigoshop. Using these WordPress plugins, web developers started to create themes that can easily be a good starting point for everyone or even a permanent solution for eCommerce. In this list, I have possibly collected the best Premium themes for setting up a WordPress shop so take your time to check each one of them.

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