30+ High Quality eCommerce WordPress Themes


WordPress is not only a powerful tool for blogging, but also thanks to the quality of WordPress e-commerce themes, now it’s a serious choice as an online shop platform. In order for these themes, to work, please note that WordPress requires shopping cart features. Fortunately there are useful plugins which turn WordPress in a veritable online shop, like WP e-Commerce or Jigoshop. Using these WordPress plugins, web developers started to create themes that can easily be a good starting point for everyone or even a permanent solution for eCommerce. In this list, I have possibly collected the best Premium themes for setting up a WordPress shop so take your time to check each one of them.

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Single Page Website – Good or Bad ?

single page website

There’s a trend for some time now, designing single page website. Is it good or bad? When you should use a it and why? Many designers are using this method , but without knowing the true value of a single page website. Ok, let’s break this down into chapters.

1. The Design

Why is it good? You can create rich interactions, sliders, carousels, parallax effects, Ajax or auto-scrolling scripts on the same page. Now that, the most browsers (sorry Bill) supports CSS3, you can also design beautiful typography, 3D or not. If you have the vision and combine these techniques in the right way, you will have one page eye-catching website. Let’s have a look at some well designed pages.
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10 Beautiful And Original Portfolio Designs

design portfolios

Design portfolio is the way to show your skills and creativity, there’s no doubt about it. Is used by web & graphic designers to show to a potential client how talented they can be by showing different samples of current work. Typically, the work reflects the best work or a depth in one area of work. Today, almost every designer have their own online portfolio and it’s generally hard to stand out from the crowd if you don’t grab the user’s attention with a creative design. In this showcase, you’ll find a mixture of unique, beautiful and highly inventive portfolio concepts let’s say. The plan here is to fire up your imagination to create your own portfolio or re-design your existing one. So, now here is a list of 10 beautiful and original portfolio examples.

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10 Outstanding Tested jQuery Gallery Plugins


When building websites especially portfolios, using a jQuery gallery plugin is an absolute must. First of all, you are showing images in a friendly and intuitive way by using an image gallery, second, the design will look fresh and modern with all those jQuery animation techniques and third with the influx of new powerful methods, the quality of jquery gallery scripts have improved dramatically lately, see parallax scrolling. Of course, it can be confusing because they are so many jQuery image sliders and to be honest not all of them are as good as they look. Sometimes it’s hard to configure, or they don’t have cross browser support, which is as you all know, a real PAIN.
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What’s New In Web Design, January 2013

web design news

This is the first chapter from our new monthly ‘What’s new in web design’ series. We will include new web apps, JavaScript and jQuery tools, CSS Frameworks and whatever else we think would be good and helpful for you as a web designer or developer. Most of the resources are free or at very low cost, and in the end you will benefit from the latest web tools. If we’ve missed something that you think is worth mentioning in this post, you can tweet about it to @ahrefmag.

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15 HTML5 Tutorials Which Will Make You a Wow Designer

HTML5 Tutorials

As a web developer or designer you always have to be a step ahead, you want to be that ‘WoW’ guy. HTML5 is coming hard this year, and if you design html5 applications or even a simple html5 page, you actually need to be prepared for what’s going to happen. Just remember that you need to keep learning what you already know, keep experimenting ‘things’ and eventually these actions will give you a whopping edge in front of your competitors.

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20 Creative Photo Manipulation With Amazing Creativity

photo manipulation

In the early stages photo manipulation or before the rise of Photoshop, airbrushing was achieved by retouching with ink, paint, double-exposure, piecing photos or negatives together in the darkroom, or scratching Polaroids. Today you can see photo retouching almost on every step, from ordinary home made images to billboard designs. In this post, I’ve picked up a list of 20 fantastic photo manipulations you can’t miss. Don’t be fooled because they are photoshopped, are funny, and they are all visually stunning.

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