Review: iKnowledge – Knowledge Base and Wiki WordPress Theme


Did you know that it is possible to set up a Wiki style website with WordPress? The Wiki publishing concept was invented by Ward Cunningham and have become popular for information management, note taking, intranets, and documentation. The best know wiki site is Wikipedia and it is one of the most visited websites in the world.

More and more people use the internet to search for information they need and expect to find solutions instantly. While it is common for people to follow blogs that cover their interests and problem areas, I would say that a well-organized and maintained Wiki site often is worth a visit. As an example it is common for popular games to have large Wiki sites that document game tactics and basic guidelines. Wiki sites typically provide entries with great detailed that authors have backed up by relevant sources. Moreover, information in Wiki sites are classified into categories making it easy for users to scan and search some terms, which are related to their needs.  In this review, I will take a closer look at iKnowledge – Knowledge Base, which is a cool Wiki WordPress Theme: the theme you will need for building your own wiki site on WordPress.

Storing up a knowledge database for quick information search is very essential for running a business. FAQs, Procedures and Help Guides are usually the most commonly sought after topics in company knowledge databases. Wiki style websites serve as a great solution for managing complex information within a company or department.

iKnowledge Theme has a clean and simple design and it does not add much fuss to distracting users and it clearly seeks to highlight your content. It has four color styles to choose from and it comes with two additional custom page templates you can use: full width and archives page. Getting content feedback is easy with its build rating system. Being Further, it comes with a post view counter to help track your article views on site. Homepage is fully widgetized meaning you can customize the page layout from the WordPress Widget area.  It is also loaded with useful shortcode so you can insert buttons, columns, tabs and toggles, menus and post styles within the site. In addition, iKnowledge is translation ready for localization in case you want to set up wiki sites for specific languages. Let us get deeper into this theme’s details and features.

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55+ Great WordPress Portfolio Themes – Stand Out Online!


As more and more people check out the work of creative agencies, web designers, photographers online before choosing someone to work with. This is the reason why some many great looking online portfolios show up all the time. With one of the WordPress portfolio themes I have collected below you will be able to get, you own set up fast and at a low cost. In addition, if you pick one of the creative and unique designs available your website may stand out from the crowed and help you convert visitors into new clients.

Portfolio websites should be designed to make an exceptional presentation of the freelancer / agency, the best work and top clients (logos). Often web designers use image grids to make a great presentation of multiple items; however, a portfolio grid can have many different layouts and functions. Therefore, take the time needed to consider exactly how you want your portfolio to work and how your images need to be featured. Some portfolio website also use the classic slider and column design where a dynamic content slider take visitors focus when they arrive and lead them to important content. The columns below the slider may contain service offering descriptions, examples of work, client testimonials etc.

Once you are clear on your requirements related to functionality and design it is a great idea to look through available portfolio website templates for inspiration. Who knows, you may stumble upon the perfect match or one that require minimal adjustments. This will kick start your website development and you will be on a fast track to having your own online portfolio.

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55+ Best WordPress Blog Themes – Give Your Blog a Facelift!


With one of the many, cool WordPress blog themes available it is not a tough job to get started as a serious blogger. This is great and it helps you focus your energy on the great content you want to share with your audience online.

WordPress is probably the most popular and successful publishing platform right now. It started out as a blogging tool, but rapidly it spread into more or less any type of website development. The amount of WordPress themes available to help you quickly set up professional websites is amazing. Most of the new themes are mobile ready and even look great on small mobile devices. Another trend right now is the release of multi-purpose themes – this is themes that are extremely loaded with features and highly flexible frameworks. Check this article for inspiration.  Website owners and designers can use these themes to build more or less any type of website, from a blog, an online magazine, a web shop to an agency portfolio. As a blogger, you may want to consider such a theme as it will support your needs as they may come up in the future. However, a clean and simple blog theme, that require no or very little setup, most often will give you a quicker and smoother start.

For this article, I have collected some of the best WordPress blogging themes available right now. I hope you will find what you are looking for and that you will take the time to leave me a comment. In addition, please share my article on social media if you like it.
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35+ Premium Photography Website Templates


Resent years many photographers have closed down their physical showrooms and created an online portfolio instead. By going online photographers can attract customers not just from the neighborhood but also from around the world. All it really takes is a beautiful portfolio website that present the best work.

Creating a photography website that fits your needs and exudes that exact expression you wish for, is actually doable with reasonable effort. This, even if you are on a tight budget and you or your best friend are not hardcore web developers. Still website templates require some effort to be turned into a working website.

If you are using pre-build photography website templates, most of the hard web development work have been taken care of already. The availability of great looking photography templates is amazing and as you can see below, there are many different designs you can choose from to kick start your photography websites.

Finding the template might take some research and it is important that you have a good idea of what features you need and what the design should look like. As an example, some photography website designs use full screen background sliders to scale up featured photographs to the entire screen. In addition, some templates include portfolio grids, galleries with lightbox previews. Deciding how you want to show off your photos is a key part of the process.

If you are not familiar with setting up websites at all you might consider using popular publishing platforms like WordPress. I have found a large collection of WordPress photography themes in this article at, which I recommend you check out for inspiration.

In today’s post, I have handpicked some of the best premium photography website templates available right now. I hope it will help you get an idea of the amazing options available today for kick starting website projects. Please leave me a comment telling me if you found what you were searching for and share the article in social medias! Enjoy the template hunt!

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65+ Responsive Web Design Tutorials – Go Mobile Friendly Today!


With the extreme growth in number of active Internet enabled mobile devices it is critical for web designers to master most aspects of mobile ready web design. Right now, we experience that more and more clients ask for responsive layouts that adapt to their visitors screen sizes. This mega trend makes good sense and it is a great time of opportunities for agencies and freelancers. Most business owners immediately understand why it is time for a website facelift or a complete rebuild… no one can afford to ignore the growing segment of mobile users.

If you are not fully up to speed yet and want to learn some responsive web design techniques, you have come to the right place. I have collected most of the responsive web design tutorials available online right now. You will find both tutorials that cover the basics and some that go into advanced details in specific areas. Please help me by sharing the article on social media and leave a comment to be part of the conversation about responsive web design. Read more

50+ WordPress Twitter Plugins and Widgets – For Optimal Twitter Integration


Twitter is one of the most important social networks for online businesses and bloggers to promote content, products and service. Twitter is the best network for meeting new people with specific interests and build relationships with potential leads. You can easily integrate twitter into you WordPress website using some of the many cool WordPress Twitter plugins and widgets.

A WordPress twitter widget is great if you want to share your Twitter activity and tweets with visitors on the WordPress website or blog. By displaying your Twitter updates on your website e.g. in the sidebar, there is a higher possibility that they will be following you and maybe even retweet your articles or offers.  Twitter is the top social messaging platform and millions of people worldwide use Twitter for both personal and professional interactions. In addition, Twitter has taken the role as an on demand news service where people follow specific accounts or hashtags (#someInterestingStuff).

In this article, I have created a collection of more than 50 of the best WordPress Twitter plugins and widgets you can use to integrate Twitter with your website or blog. Read more

45+ PHP Tutorials and Development Techniques


PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages used primarily for web development. It is used for some of the most well known and powerful open source web platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. In addition, there are some really cool php Frameworks you can use as foundation for your own website and web application development projects. PHP is part of one of the most common web server setup up known as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). It is estimated to be installed on more than 250 million webserver and PHP work wonders behind the scene on more websites than you can imagine. The incredible success of WordPress is certainly one of the reasons for this, but in itself, PHP is a simple to learn and yet very powerful scripting language.

Like any other programming language, it is important to understand the basics and to build up a collection of simple solutions to common problems you need to solve. One of the ways to get started is of course to read PHP books, but an almost just as good and free strategy is to work through a PHP tutorial to learn specific techniques and skills. In this article, I have collected more than 45 of the best PHP tutorials to help you make a quick dive into effective PHP learning. Hope you find what you are looking for and that you will take a minute to share the article with programmers you know.  Read more